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Worship service every first Sunday of the month 1 pm

The worship service is in English, an offer to Christians, who would like to worship in English.

Members of the Congregation take an active role during the service.

The liturgy reflects the Lutheran tradition, but also gives room for some liturgical elements from other church denominations.

Classic and rhythmic songs and hymns are accompanied by either organ or piano. Pastor Michael Markussen officiates the worship.

KIC is also encouraged to take part in other worship services, for example, with the Danish congregation at Simon Peters Church or in other Folk Churches in Kolding, which hold worship services at 10.30 in all Sundays.



Video: Introduktion til KIC


Happy Easter 2020


Slået op af Michael Markussen i Søndag den 12. april 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

Dear peopleI have made this Sermon for Palm Sunday.May God bless us and give us strength to carry on is this difficult time.

Slået op af Kolding International Congregation i Lørdag den 4. april 2020



Gudstjenester på engelsk

Gudstjeneste den første søndag i måneden kl.13

Menighedens medlemmer medvirker aktivt ved læsninger, bønner, nadveruddeling. Salmer og musik repræsenterer den lutherske tradition såvel som andre kirkeretninger med klassisk som rytmisk musik fra orgel og klaver.